Benito Mussolini And His Creation Of Fascism

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Benito Mussolini and his creation of Fascism was the glue that held Italy together. Fascism promised national unity and condemned the Socialist party. To understand how Fascism became powerful within Italy, it is imperative to acknowledge the driving force behind this regime. To put it bluntly, violence played an essential role in the development of the Fascist party. Mussolini’s practice of fierceness was able to create a formidable system of government that did not tolerate weakness. In 1919, Benito Mussolini give an Afternoon speech, where he stressed the difference between Socialism and Fascism. Here, he states, “We declare war, against socialism, not because it is socialism, but because it opposes nationalism” (Stone 2013, 38).…show more content…
Here, he states, “We must go halfway toward meeting the workers… we must approach the workers who are returning from the trenches…we must therefore accept the demand of the working class” (Stone 2013, 38). In making this comment, Mussolini argues that the working class should be valued and recognized for their hard work and contributions. Where, his government will appreciate the common people, the Socialist party has done nothing but abandoned them. The socialist party does not care about taking responsibility of their citizens: those who have returned from war, those who work many hours without sufficient pay or insurance. Mussolini wanted to get the people on his side and to illustrate for them a world of economic democracy.
Furthermore, to answer the main question, violence was always Mussolini’s goal but in order for that to happen Mussolini had to make sure he had the people’s trust. With that trust, he was able to manipulate individuals. Actually, some of the workers joined the Fascist squad and became just as violent as the soldiers were. During the Afternoon’s speech Mussolini also states, “But let us not dwell on the details. Of all questions to be resolved, the first that interest us the most is that of creating a governing class and endowing it with the necessary powers” (Stone 2013, 39). Prior to this he talked about political reforms and having equal rights for both men and
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