Benito Mussolini : Il Duce Of Fascism

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Griffin Godoy Mr. Pimentel West. Civ. Research Paper 21, November 2015 Benito Mussolini: Il Duce of Fascism Part 1: Intro Mankind has almost always been ruled by different forms of government. From Democracy to Dictatorships, mankind choose which they thought was best for their country. Some took advantage and ruled the way that they thought was best for themselves and created their version of the best country. One of these people was Benito Mussolini; He was the Italian Prime Minister and dictator after World War I and during World War II. Mussolini believed that he could change the way that Italy was ruled, and start the new "Roman Empire" in his own image. Mussolini played a key role in changing the Italian government, unifying Italy, World War II, and he changed the world with the creation of Fascism in Europe during his rule. Part 2: Background Information Years before Mussolini was born, King Emmanuel II created the Kingdom of Italy from the ideas of Mazzini, Cavour, and Garibaldi. King Emmanuel’s son would later assign Mussolini to create a better Italy. Benito Mussolini was born in Italy on the 28th of July in 1883. His parents and him had to move to Switzerland because his father was a blacksmith, and he did not make much money. It was in Switzerland where Mussolini began getting involved with the Socialist party. This is where he got his ideas that he would later incorporate into his rule where he would group together everyone and have them live as a whole

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