Benito Mussolini Essay

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Benito Mussolini was born on July 29, 1883 in Predappio. The

son of a blacksmith he was largely self-educated. He became a

schoolteacher and a socialist journalist in northern Italy. In 1910

he married Rachele Guidi who bore his five children. Mussolini was

jailed in 1911 for his opposition to Italy's war in Libya.

Soon after his release in 1912 he became editor of the

socialist newspaper in Milan, "Avanti!". When WWI began in 1914

Mussolini advocated Italy's entrance into the war on the allied side

and was expelled from the socialist party. He then started his own

newspaper in Milan, Il Popolo d'Italia (The People of Italy) which

later became the origin of the Fascist
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Anti-Fascist ideals quickly

began to spread throughout the Italian countryside. The Balkan

campaign ended successfully as a result of German intervention and

Italy acquired many new territories. By an arrangement between

Mussolini and Hitler Italian troops occupied all of Greece. Many

Italians realized that their gains in the Balkans were an illusion as

they were controlled almost entirely by German troops. Italian

foodstuffs began to run low as the Germans increased their demands on

Mussolini for military assistance. In June 1941 Mussolini declared

war on the USSR to join the Germans at Hitler's request. When the

war effort began to have difficulties the Germans became much more

pressing on his demands of Mussolini. In March Mussolini's effort

became extremely bleak when the U.S. government seized control of 28

Italian merchant ships and impounded all Italian assets in the U.S.

On July 10, 1943 allied forces invaded Sicily six days later

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston

Churchill sent a joint radio message to Mussolini asking for the

surrender of the Italian people. After Italy's refusal allied powers

bombed roman war facilities and factories with over 500 bombers.

During this raid Mussolini was conferring with Hitler at Verona about

the next stage of the axis defense. Upon Mussolini's return on July

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