Benito Mussolini Rise To Power Research Paper

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Why Mussolini Rose to Power
The fascist dictator of Italy Benito Mussolini rose to power through the use of his charisma, his unethical elimination of opponents and his attack on the capitol of Rome Italy. Through the use of these assets Mussolini was able to successfully become the fascist dictator of Italy and contribute to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Mussolini’s charisma was one of the major factors in rising to power, enabling him to woo the people of Italy in his famous speeches. His elimination of his opponents allowed him to effectively turn a democracy into a dictatorship by force, bringing him into power without resistance. Finally Mussolini’s final march to Rome, the capital of Italy, was the final turning point in Italy’s surrender to dictatorship and fascism. These three aspects were the contributing factors to Benito Mussolini’s rise to power.

Mussolini’s legendary charisma was one of his key assets during his campaign to lead
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His most important weapon in his arsenal was his captivating charisma. It gave him the ability to hypnotize entire crowds of people, twisting peace into war and freedom into an insatiable debt to the government or simply put, fascism. Mussolini’s second weapon was his Blackshirts, his own private army which eliminated the opposition and humiliated opposing leaders. With his Blackshirts Mussolini was able to reduce fair competition into a virtual dictatorship, and reaped the benefits of the popular vote. His final tool was the march to Rome, a brutal coup which intimidated the Italian government to the point of handing over their leadership and submitting to Mussolini. With these assets in hand Benito Mussolini was able to become a ruthless fascist dictator of Italy and contributed to the deaths of millions of people during one of the most horrific wars of all
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