Benjamin And Alepho Comparison

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Connection Benjamin, Alepho and Benson, in particular, encounter extraordinarly transformative occurrences. From witnessing their parents’ deaths to having their home village obliterated by flames, the three of them had to survive without their parents, most of their family, food, water, or a change of clothing. Benson and Alepho split up towards the beginning of their journey and then they met up about a year before they left for America. Without any guidance they were forced to survive by themselves. They used the Lord and prayer to guide them on their journey. The entire time, they have felt lost and extremely alone. Their souls used to be joyful and now they have been depressed by the government’s actions. I have no idea how they survived for so long. Honestly, I believe my body would have shut down. These boys went weeks without food or water, something I, along with most of my peers, could barely do for one day, let alone a year, or even more. It angers me greatly that UN and major…show more content…
Often, my parents work late at night, so I have to rely on my friends for constant support. They cry with me, laugh with me, or binge watch 12 episodes of Fuller House with me. I have created inseparable bonds with those I have met in highschool. It is crazy that in a little over a year, we will all be graduating together. It won’t matter who wore what, who said what; what will matter is how we treated everyone as a whole and what we learned in the past 12 years of education. As I think back on my elementary school years, I realized that maybe I was treated that way for a reason. I now have somewhat of a “thick skin,” meaning that people “picking” on me does not really get to me. I am glad I experienced five horrible years of my life and got them out of the way now, in order to set me up for life as a whole. I feel equipped to deal with people bullying me in the real world and I know not to let it get to
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