Benjamin Franklin : American Innovator

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Killian Miller
History 201
28 September 2014
Benjamin Franklin: American Innovator Few names are more monumental in American history than that of Benjamin Franklin. His legacy has stood the test of time, mainly because Franklin’s achievements were unprecedented for the time in which he lived. An integral figure of the American Enlightenment, Franklin was (and still is) wildly popular, due to the magnitude and frequency of his discoveries and his consistent undertakings to uplift and educate the common man. Credited with numerous achievements in literature, civic service, science, and government, Franklin is widely hailed as one of America 's most noted Founding Fathers. Born in Boston, Massachusetts in the winter of 1706 on January 17, Benjamin Franklin was the tenth son and fifteenth child of a Boston soap maker, Josiah Franklin (who bore seventeen children in total) (Lynch 12, Lopez IX). Franklin’s early years did not include much schooling but he worked endlessly to strengthen his skills in literature by studying various literary works of different languages and genres (Lynch 12). Although he would go on to develop many other skills, literature, was perhaps Franklin 's first niche and arguably his strongest skill. His advanced training in this area proceeded (and likely influenced) his youngest documented employment: at just twelve years old (in 1718) Benjamin was a printer 's apprentice to his brother, James (Lopez IX). During these
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