Benjamin Franklin : An Influential Entrepreneur

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Benjamin Franklin was one of the most impressive and iconic figures in American history, and perhaps around the globe. According to the autobiography of this astonishing individual, despite of all the obstacles in his thorny path such as obscurity and misery, he never surrendered and all the time followed his dream to succeed and make the world a better place. In fact, his role in securing the independence of the United States and building it as a nation is sensational. Moreover, his great achievements that he made in order to become outstanding and wealthy made him a greatest among our self-made men. In spite of his considerable participation in diplomacy and civics, Franklin also was an influential businessman, scientist and inventor. In this essay, an interesting and useful autobiography of the one of the most remarkable and inspiring individuals in our history will be described. Afterwards, three possible reasons which made Benjamin Franklin a prosperous person will be explained, including the potential impacts of both his personal characteristic and life circumstances. Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston. He was the youngest son among the all 17 children. From his early years, Franklin was extremely impassioned about reading that he could stay awake in his room by reading whole night long. Although his clear abilities in Education, because of Josiah’s financial load, he could not study in grammar school and was forced to help his father in the work

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