Benjamin Franklin And Frederick Douglass

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There is no doubt that Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglass are two of the most inspiring men in history. They are both described as inspirations and epitomes of the true American Dream. These men represent self-reliance, independence, and share a desire for liberty. Though there work ethics and values may be viewed as similar, they both came from very different backgrounds. Franklin grew up in a big middle-class family. His parents were loving, however he was the fifteenth child out of seventeen children. Because of this Franklin had to rely heavily on himself while growing up, which made for tough times, yet he had the more favorable life due to the fact that Douglass was sold into slavery as a child. Douglass was a slave of many masters. Some of his masters allowed Douglass to be freer, sadly the others provided horrible whippings and beatings. These two background are so different, yet both of these men are equally honored. Their values, ethics, and views join these two men together to create the inspiration that they are. Even though they came from humble beginnings, they never quit and their accomplishments rewarded them with a better life. Douglass and Franklin are two men who stayed true to who they were and held a certain set of values. Many of their values were similar because they both respected the idea of the American Dream. These admiral men were born into unfavorable situations and even though Franklin did not experience the hardships of Douglass, he
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