Benjamin Franklin And John Donne Essay

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Both Franklin and John Donne make two distinct points that are realistic and wise. Even though Donne takes a very secular route, his purpose is very clear. Donne is trying to analyze the aspects of life in his writing, John Donne is ill and meeting his end. He writes from a perspective in which the afterlife is divine. John holds the belief but every death, birth, and action affects everybody. Benjamin Franklin differentiates from John Donne’s style of writing because he has a very scientific point of view on the aspects of life. What Franklin is trying to strive for in the experiment of arriving at perfection is to live each day without making any mistakes. But both writers believe that habit can have a major impact on the way you live life.…show more content…
He uses a lot of experimentation and facts in his writing. Benjamin Franklin was a renowned pioneer, scientist, founding father, and the “wisest” man of America. In his essay, he is experimenting to live each day without making any mistakes. He believes that habit, carelessness, and attitude are all aspects that lead to living life without perfection. Each week of his experimentation, he would try a new virtue. He developed a chart, marking each time he failed. He did fail incredibly and did recognize his failures. At the end of his experiment he was happy to have done this experimentation for 13 weeks rather than being sour about failing the 13 virtues. He appeals to his reader with complete logic and little bias. His chart is very effective in displaying his point of even though he was failing, he was still persevering. Franklin’s attitude of in a sense laughing at his failures shows that he was not afraid of failure. The effect that he has on his reader is that we can attain perfection but with hard work and perseverance. This shows the reader that hard work and pure concentration can lead to perfection. Both the authors compare because both make the reader observe their life. They both help make a person better because John’s main message is to show the reader that you cannot forget about death and must be prepared about it in this life. Franklin shows that a person can have a fulfilled life of perfection
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