Benjamin Franklin : The American Dream

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Ben Franklin’s autobiography is a prime example of the American Dream. He starts life in a large family and is sent to find work fairly early. He grows into an educated, humble, and honorable man. Through his work in printing and writing he develops a formidable business and makes some money. Throughout his life he focuses greatly on achieving perfection, but finds that is not very practical, however it does lead him to happiness. He wrote this autobiography as a path, to live a life of virtue, mainly for his son. However, it has become a moral guide and tale of the so called American Dream. While there are several ways to interpret his writing and his character, Benjamin Franklin is one of the best examples of a pure and honest American. While Benjamin Franklin was a great man, this book has become quite famous and therefore could be interpreted in several different fashions. Several accounts in his life show how Franklin was a bitter man who managed to achieve much more than others. Several people he met in his life are thrown aside because they are either inferior or lack the determination that Franklin so frequently mentions. He famously insults John Collins by calling him a drunk who never accomplished anything with his work. Collins was perhaps a lazy man where drinking hindered his reasoning, willingness to work, and approachability. With a final fight Franklin tossed him into a river for refusing to row their boat, Collins leaves with the promise that he will repay
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