Benjamin Franklin: The Most Influential Founding Fathers Of The United States

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One of the most inspiring founding fathers of the United State has left the world a legacy of his to his son. Often viewed as the ‘jack-of-all-trades”, Benjamin Franklin wrote his own autobiography to recall the major events of history as he took part in them, whether he was successful or a failure. His autobiography was written in three different periods in his lifetime: 1771 in England (7), 1783 at France (100), and 1788 in America (118). Franklin commenced his journal by referring it to one person, his son. With the information he has collected, Benjamin retraces the family tree and he claims to be the tenth son of his father’s, Josiah, seventeen children. At an early age, Benjamin was placed in grammar school instead of being an apprentice in trades like his brothers because his father intended to devote him to church. The reason why this is virtually important was the fact that Benjamin has found his interests in books and reading, hence he was employed in professions such as printing, journalism, librarian, editor, author, and philosophy as his life progresses. Anyways,…show more content…
It educates the audience on how a political figure has attained his status from scratch. It defines, or highlights, the ideology so-called American Dream because Franklin had the mindset to travel to new places in order for him to achieve success through work ethic and engagement. Thus, it’s “value” is significant for those who seek triumph and jubilation because it actually tells the audience that one needs to be patient and willing to learn new knowledgeable skills to influence others, or even a nation. In a closer look, it features similar characteristics to the Narrative of Frederick Douglass by sending messages saying that one can live a better life if readiness is applied or
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