Benjamin Franklin's Influence on America

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According to “More than 200 years after his death, Franklin remains one of the most celebrated figures in U.S. history. His image appears on the $100 bill, and towns, schools and businesses across America are named for him.” but what’s so special about Benjamin Franklin? In this modern age of technology it’s hard to imagine a day when people went without knowing the weather forecast or looking up a fresh recipe online. It’s even harder to imagine living without fire departments, hospitals, or even electricity. And as Americans it’s hard to imagine a day when our country didn’t let women vote or used slaves. Ben Franklin lived in that day and the suffering he saw around him led him to try to resolve some new problems. Benjamin Franklin started out as a runaway with only one skill: printing; before long he found a way to provide important information to the public through his almanacs, he became a respected leader in his local community and in the scientific community, and later in his life he played an important role in American Revolution, With a lot of hard work and a commitment to helping others Benjamin Franklin became one of the most influential people in American history. From the start Benjamin Franklin was a problem solver. Not long after becoming an apprentice at his brothers printing shop when he was only 12, Franklin found a way to voice his opinion on controversial topics like the treatment of women. Knowing his brother would never polish anything
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