Benjamin Franklin's Remarks Concerning The Savages Of North America

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With so many works of literature available in today's world, what causes a piece of literature to maintain its importance? Today's college students should be required to read Benjamin Franklin's "Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America" due to the different viewpoints Franklin gives of Native Americans, the settlers, and the issues noted among the two. While many stories are written from the viewpoint of settlers, Franklin's story challenges his readers to look outside the norm and brings to light the trials faced by Native Americans during this time. Although written by a "white man", Franklin grasps the hardships faced and gives the reader cause to evaluate who the real savages were. Many works written at the time of settling America, depict Native Americans poorly. They are referred to as savages and are driven from the lands owned by their forefathers. In Benjamin Franklin's "Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America", the reader is shown a new viewpoint of Native Americans. Franklin writes "If a white man, in traveling through our country, enters one of our cabins, we all treat him as I treat you;" (247), by saying…show more content…
Most of which describe them as "Indian dogs", savages, or as being uneducated. In Franklin's description of the events at the Treaty of Lancaster, the reader is able to view Native Americans differently. When the proposal of allowing six Indian boys to attend college is mentioned, it is politely declined by the speaker stating, "We are however not the less obliged by your kind offer, though we decline accepting it;" (245). From this statement, the argument of whether Native Americans were educated is made moot. The response is extremely well spoken so that no party was to be offended. This statement is the perfect example of how incorrect the opinion of Indians is no matter how it was written by
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