Benjamin Franklin's Speech : The Speech Of Miss Polly Baker

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Oh, how far we’ve come
Miss Polly Baker was a mother to five kids who were all born without being married to any of the kid’s fathers. The bench was making her pay fines for her actions and letting the men walk away without any repercussions. Although she made great points that make sense in today’s world, this wasn’t the puritan way in this day in history. Benjamin Frankin is the original author of this speech as it is a fictional character. Franklin didn’t completely believe in the puritan ways so, writing this helped him go against some of the outrageous laws. I choose to write about “The Speech of Miss Polly Baker”. I think the speech she gives to the judges shows how much of the world has changed since this time in the 1700’s. Miss Polly Baker really showed how flawed the system was back then. Even though todays system is still flawed, this speech showed how corrupt it was back in Benjamin Franklin’s time. The speech also displays how much gender inequality there was. I believe this short speech has shown us how far this old corrupt system has evolved into something more equal for both genders relating to having kids without marriage. The puritans didn’t believe in having a child before marriage, which some people still believe is true to this day. Others don’t seem to care for being married before birthing a child and some just happen to make a mistake but, it’s a blessing and miracle to have a child. Women who have kids without being married are taken care of today
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