Benjamin Oliver Davis Jr.

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Benjamin Oliver Davis Jr. recognized for being the first Black Air Force General, paved the way for the Black soldier. Benjamin Oliver Davis Jr. was born December 18, 1912, to Benjamin, Sr. and Elnora Dickerson Davis. Due to complications from childbirth, Elnora dies when Benjamin is four years old. His father Benjamin, Sr. the first Black General in the United States Army, serving in various capacities such as the Spanish-American War and the original Buffalo Soldier regiments was a pioneer for the black soldier and an influence to his son.
At 13 years of age, Benjamin attended a barnstorming exhibition at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington D.C. formally know then as Bolling Field. A pilot on the Base offered Benjamin a chance to join him for a ride in his plane, he enjoyed it so much from that moment forward he was determined to pilot a plane of his own one-day. With his father moving around a lot because of his military duties, Benjamin graduated from Central High School in Cleveland, Ohio in 1929. Immediately following graduation, Benjamin enrolled at Western Reserve University. Staying there for a year (1929-1930), he later moved on to the University of Chicago where he stayed for two years (1930-1932).
While in school Benjamin didn’t forget about his goal becoming a military pilot, he contacted Illinois Representative Oscar De Priest: the first Black alderman in Chicago and the only Black serving in Congress at the time. De Priest gladly sponsored Benjamin for a…

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