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Running Head: BENNER ANALYSIS PAPER Benner Analysis Paper This paper will discuss the functions of caring within the nursing practice, as well as my own personal views regarding caring. I will review the Benner model of Clinical Nursing and the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition in relationship to my own personal skills. I will identify my competencies within each domain of the Benner Model. I will reflect upon my own personal nursing practice in terms of my strengths and weaknesses. Also included will be a discussion of my own professional goals, areas of improvement needed within my practice and solutions for how I can improve in order to help me achieve these personal goals. Caring To me caring and…show more content…
I don't know, maybe that's because I was a new nurse. I do feel that I am still a caring person to my patients but now that I do case management I sometimes get frustrated. I think that it's not that I don't like the patients or families, I think it's because of all the changes in the health care these days and the push to get the patients out of the hospital and with staffing issues that nurses just don't have the time to spend with their patients as in the past. There also are difficult patients to get discharged and sometimes the families don't help and can make things worse. When I think of a nurse I think of a caring person who respects others unconditionally and helps to promote wellness and also to be an advocate for their patient. I do feel that sometimes some people go into nursing because of the money that can be made. Also there are more nurses going into advanced practice such as nurse practitioners, management and teaching to name a few, so this makes staff nursing more difficult when there is less floor nurses. I also feel that nurses that have been nurses a long time get exhausted with all the pressures of the job that result in burn out. I know in my hospital that most of the nurses that are in my department wanted to get out of floor nursing. I have heard people say that it got to be too much working on the floor. Most nurses in the profession today are older and have health issues. I have been a nurse for 13 years and
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