Bennett's Machine Shop

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Bennett 's Machine Shop Inc.

In 1975, Pat Bennett made a life changing decision. His entrepreneurial spirit drove him to leave a stable career and convert his part-time engine reconditioning business into a full-time endeavor. He moved from a shack next to his trailer home to a small hut that he rented for one month. After renting the hut he moved to a stall in a service station. With neither a business name nor a business license, Pat had little control over parts and profit. When the opportunity came to rent a larger space from a garage owner Pat took it. Here his business continued to grow and there was a need for him to hire a helper. Although he was in the business of engine reconditioning, he hired a premed
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There appears to be an absence of direction and control of inventory and tools. The facility has piles of used engines scattered inside and out. Pat also allows customers to drop off engines around his property giving it the appearance of a salvage yard instead of a machine shop. There is also inadequate space to store parts and tools. Work areas are cluttered creating difficulty when trying to find the tools to perform the job. Had Pat planned when he purchased 11 pieces of property, he may have been able to build a more efficient facility that could accommodate large engines and parts.
The weak structure also exists because of inefficient hiring, training, and retention practices. Pat is under the assumption that the organization would work efficiently by hiring unskilled employees and training them informally for a day or two. He also does not have clear work schedules in place and presumes that the employees are satisfied with the limited benefits he offers; this has contributed to the dysfunction. He has a shop manager that was not aware that the shop was dirty and lacking parts until he was there on his day off to conduct personal business. There is also the absence of a systematic plan of operations. Just giving an employee a "few pointers" is an example of this. These issues have an affect on the employees ' abilities to do there job and ultimately has a negative affect on the value creation process.
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