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Benny, the war in Europe, and Myerson’s Daughter Bella’


This short story takes us back to ww2, in a Jewish community in Montreal. The author, Mordecai Richler talks about a young boy who went to war in 1941, and got discharged and sent home before the war ended. His name was Benny, a short and skinny man with long narrowed face, pulpy mouth and soft black eyes. His farther Mr Garber wasn’t afraid of sending his son to war nor did his mother Mrs Garber who knew her son would take care and watch out for himself. He was a quite boy who wouldn’t push were he shouldn’t.

When he returned home from the war, no one noticed him changed, except for Myerson’s daughter. Bella, a
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I recommend that he learn a trade’’;
It is clear that Benny was born stupid, and wasn’t like the other boys. His farther kept comparing him with a friend that had a son who was becoming a doctor.
I personally think that this also made Benny worse; he used to have dreams about him being born intelligent or rich.
Benny married Bella and his life started to get better. They got very close to each other, and he wanted to share his time in the war with her. They had a son and everything seems to be going well for Benny. One day they went to see their first cinemascope film, Bella was careful not to take Benny to any war films, no matter who was playing it. As they sat at the cinema and the newsreel came on, it showed a hydrogen bomb test and what a bomb would do to a city at the size of New York. He saw the explosion and got up and left. He went home and sat at the corner with his head buried in his knees, trembling and sweating. He stayed like this the whole night, and the next day at noon he got up and went out of the house. Bella knew she should have stopped him. She knew.
Later during the day her farther came by the house, she could look by the expression of his face that something had happened with Benny.
‘’He’s dead?’’ Bella asked.
Benny had died.

I think this story tells us that war can change anybody. Many soldiers now days that came back from the war after serving few years, never really recovered
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