Ben's Bells Observation

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The Community of Practice, that we choose to study is Ben’s Bells down on University Boulevard by Starbucks. Ben’s Bells fits into the bigger picture of the world because it promotes happiness to people who need it in their life by helping them and when people seeing the wind chimes makes them happy. Ben’s Bells mission is to “inspire individuals and communities to engage in kindness education and practice”. ( Ben’s Bells also provide resources for people who need assistance when they go out into the community and talk and at their local Ben’s Bell locations such as the one on University Boulevard here in Tucson.
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We choose Ben’s Bells because it was right in our backyard, and I (Jayda)
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What I (Jayda) mean by that is, they have a constant flow of volunteers because it is a non judgemental place. If volunteers come on their free time or because they need last minute extra credit, Ben Bells still welcomes them. Thus, promoting diversity. Since observing Ben Bells I have also developed a sense pride in the Tucson community. I see that Ben Bells makes a difference in Tucson because I (Jayda) always see Ben Bells stickers everywhere I (Jayda) go. I am super excited to continue my observation of this community to learn new things and take the back to my community in Long Beach, California. What i found most interesting about this community is how they aim to achieve their goal of promoting happiness in the community. If you just randomly seen a bell, you would more than likely get rid of it because you don’t know its significance right off the bat but, when you find out the meaning you value the bell. This small token of happiness goes a long way. I (Elisabeth) found out that students come to Ben’s Bell for many different reasons. Some come because they need community service hours for their school others come for fun. I (Elisabeth) have also learned that the story behind Ben’s Bell from a store worker. Ben’s Bell has taught me (Elisabeth) the meaning of kindness is and how I (Elisabeth) should pass it on to youth who need to know what kindness is. The diversity that has come into Ben’s Bell has been a lot of different kind of people of different: age, sex, or purpose etc. Something, that I (Elisabeth) find interesting about Ben’s Bell is the different activities that they can have you do when you go in and volunteer with them. One day they could have you paint bells and another day they can have you pull the done bells off the sticks so, that they can be fired. They can also, have you assemble the “happiness mobiles”. I (Elisabeth) find
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