Bentham Capitalism And Egoism

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Bentham's opinion, a man is an egoist, and that he is benevolent to others only because it suits his personal interests. Egoism is the starting point of his moral system. We also saw that he could not prove how social virtues can be derived from egoism. We saw that he had to reject the selflessness with which history and life are full.
Even more important is the point of Bentham's theory, according to which pleasure and suffering can be more or less accurately calculated. With this statement at the present time,anyone will hardly agree.

The nowadays principle embodied in most modern Western European judicial systems is that the punishment of the offender has no other purpose; except as isolation from society, is in good agreement with Bentham's utilitarian logic. A person who is dangerous and potentially harmful to society needs only to be shielded from his further possible illegal actions and corresponding consequences. There is no other purpose for prison isolation.

Let’s talk what Mill's utilitarianism was, and in what sense he criticized the Bentham system. Mill opposes Bentham, pointing out that the Bentham arithmetic principle, according to which one can always use the quantitative aspect in the analysis of utility, cannot be used literally. Mill will insist on the incommensurability of suffering and pleasures and the excessive schema of the formula "maximizing pleasure and minimizing suffering." According to Mill, this formula is meaningful only in the form of

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