Bentley College Strengths

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After the first semester of freshman year at Bentley University, students take a Career Development Seminar, which begins by taking a survey about strengths. Out of 34 strengths, the test lists the top 5 strengths for each person. Bentley students typically share the same type of strengths, such as Analytical, Focus, Maximizer, Strategic, and Woo. However, when I received my results, I felt like the elephant in the room. While most people received Competitive and Achiever as their top two strengths, mine came back as Relator and Empathy. As awkward as it was to explain to my teacher that my results were atypical, this moment lit a light bulb inside of my head. During my first semester, I struggled with my business courses, and none of the material seemed to pique my interest. At first, I wrote this off as a transition period and a time where I just needed to adjust to the college lifestyle while away from home and on my own. As time went on, this idea began to turn into serious doubt about whether the corporate business world was for me. The only problem was that Bentley is known for its business programs; in fact, out of 24 majors…show more content…
From Art History to Mathematics to Special Majors, Dartmouth offers a wide range of majors to explore, which was a crucial part of deciding where I wanted to transfer to. Although I am not sure about my intended major, one program that I am very interested in is the Education minor. After having close relationships with my high school teachers, I have become interested in the possibility of working in secondary education. Despite other schools having majors in these programs, I feel that Dartmouth’s minor would be the best program for me because the D Plan would give me more leeway for fellowships and other work
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