Tessellations: M. C. Escher

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Tessellations Paige E Heinrichs Benton High School The creator and founder of tessellations is a Dutch artist named M.C. Escher. His real name is Maurits Cornelis Escher. He was born in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. He was able to pick out spatial patterns since he was a child. He then went to Haarlem School for Architectural and Decorative Arts. He decided to study graphic arts with the recommendation of his mentor, Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita.(The Biography. Com Editors). His early works included nudes and innovative portraiture captured in woodcuts, linoleum cuts, and lithographs. As he grew older he had travelled to the Mediterranean and was influenced by the Moor-designed Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. He had moved to Rome to start a…show more content…
Tessellation means to form or arrange small squares in a checkered or mosaic pattern (Coolman). A regular tessellation is is just a picture made up of regular shapes and is made up of three regular shapes; equilateral triangle, square, and a regular hexagon, a semi regular is made up of one or more than one kind of polygon, a monohedral is only one shape, and a aperiodic is a repeating pattern. In a tessellation you can’t have any white spots showing and it has to consist of the same pattern throughout the picture People from all over the world use tessellations in their artwork that represent their country. Some of the people that use them are the Irish, Arabs, Indians, and Chinese. They all practice different levels of complexity of tessellations. Another word for tessellations is tilings. Some examples of a tessellation are the tiles on the bathroom floor or flagstones in a patio (Mackenzie). They can also be used for a design in fabric or wallpaper. Mirror symmetry is another way to show tessellations. The most common tessellation used is the regular tessellation because it is the easiest and most
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