Benton Mcmillin Of Tennessee: Case Study

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• 1913. Business owners, farmers, trade unionists, and people who lived in the Midwest enjoyed the tax because it brought relief from financial struggles. • If the national sales tax was high then it would cause a rise in the black market activity • I agree with Benton McMillin of Tennessee because the free institutions because people do need to accumulate wealth. Everyone needs wealth and the free institutions can help. • Not collecting sales tax means their prices can be as much as 10% lower than bricks-and-mortar merchants. • Norquist believe that politicians wanting to tax internet purchases would cause people to stop using internet which would make business not want to buy new technology. • I agree with the statement because it would…show more content…
• The town could sell the bonds they have and then they could buy the abandoned warehouses. • Many people shop at malls and by having small businesses in the mall the people will buy stuff in the stores. • New businesses would help the revenue problem because new businesses will bring more money to the town. • By lowering the property values of the buildings it could cause new businesses want to move into the new building. The Mayor could also give discounts to their taxes. • A problem that the federal and state governments face is trying to control money and power. State government want to lower the tax system where the federal want to raise the tax system so they can get more and more money. • The fair tax system was created to give some power to the citizens. They can take some power out of the hands of the federal government. Then the government has problems because they need to figure out if they should continue this or end it. • Progressive. The more you save the more you earn. The proportional would not be fair because “flat” tax is not fair to people who do not have much money. The regressive in not fair either because you are losing
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