Benvolio In Romeo And Juliet

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In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the character Benvolio is one of Romeo’s comrades and is considered a peace keeper at this point in the play. Those two aspects of Benvolio are displayed in the slide made above. When Romeo confesses about his love for Rosaline and asks how he should forget about her, Benvolio gave him the tip of “examin[ing] other beauties” (1.1.236). Rather than leaving Romeo without any advice, Benvolio decides to bestow on some tips. A visual I decided to use for this is a thumbs-up. Another example of Benvolio being one of Romeo’s friends is that Benvolio was searching for Romeo, by calling out his name, even knowing that “he ran [towards the orchard wall] and leapt [the wall]” (2.1.6). Even when Romeo is out
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