Beowulf Allegory Essay

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Beowulf is a story of epic literature that is an allegory. An allegory is a story with two or more levels of meaning. Beowulf is an allegory because there are many different hidden symbols that represent loyalty and bravery throughout the story relating back to the Anglo-Saxons and the Danes. Beowulf is a story of epic literature made in 1000 AD. The hero in the story, Beowulf, became the ruler of the Spear Danes after Hrothgar became too old to protect his people and the land. Hrothgar built an enormous hall for him and his men,in which he named Heorot. Outside the hall there was a monster named Grendel who came into the hall at night and ate thirteen men. Grendel continues to attack the men. Beowulf offers to battle Grendel by himself and king Hrothgar agrees. Grendel ends up getting sent to hell and his mother seeks revenge but Beowulf defeats her. A dragon…show more content…
The Anglo Saxons had a strong characteristic of bravery. They always had to worry about the protection of their land because it was so important to have control of it and had to be brave enough to fight whatever messed with them. In Beowulf, it is obvious that he shows a tremendous amount of bravery. Around the time that Beowulf became the king, a dragon came to the town of Heorot and destroyed his home and the land. He then fought the dragon without armour or a shield and killed the dragon by stabbing it in the stomach, (Ch.35) The Anglo-Saxons and Beowulf also show many signs of loyalty. If you’re apart of an Anglo Saxon group you must always stick with your people through battle and never leave them helpless. Receiving loyalty was not the case for Beowulf. Before he killed the dragon, it bit his neck and Beowulf was bleeding to death, His men were cowardly and left Beowulf to die as they ran off. In this case, Beowulf was the hero and being loyal to his men by sacrificing his life as they just left him there to die.
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