Beowulf An Epic Hero

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Introduction "Epic" is a word can be very confusing. In ordinary conversations, one could refer to an epic hero as just a hero possessing remarkable strength, and personal characteristics, which are considered timeless. However, a true, literary epic hero has to meet a given set of criteria concerning his character and abilities: qualities, which make him to be different or at a level that is above other great people. According to Cascio (n.d), epic heroes are heroes who are on a mission, and they exhibit various kinds of superhuman powers displaying generosity, loyalty, as well as courage. The epic story Beowulf is generally an epic that is well known and is described as one of the best epic stories. The epic hero Beowulf in the novel Beowulf illustrates characteristics of physical strength, courage, self-confidence, wisdom, as well as loyalty, much like today heroes. Additionally, an epic hero refers to a bigger than life hero embodying the values of a given society (Trask, 1998). In most instances, epic heroes generally have superior strength, and besides, they always show very strong love towards their people. They do not…show more content…
In the Homeric tradition, Epic heroes are often demigods. Unlike Hercules, as well as Achilles, Beowulf, is generally not depicted to have a god as a biological parent, though it was commonly said that he had the favor, as well as the blessings of God. For instance, when the mother of Grendel tried to slash Beowulf through the use of a sword, the sword failed to penetrate. As pointed out by the narrator, the sword was less powerful in comparison to armor of Beowulf, which was too powerful. God’s grace provided the strength. Weapons that are used by the epic heroes are distinguished heirlooms or godly gifts. Hrunting, which was the sword of Beowulf, is generally a powerful, as well as an ancient heirloom that he was given by Unferth (Carruthers,

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