Beowulf : An Epic Hero

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Waking up out of bed in the morning, going to school, work, or sports practice, or attending an event you otherwise wouldn’t be present at. The question isn’t where are you and where did you go, but the reason your body is moving in that general direction. Many people in the world tend to not have a purpose in their movements anymore, having little to no motivation to accomplish anything in their life. In the stories throughout history there are always multiple reasons why the characters, whether they’re good or bad, do what they do. Dating back all the way to ancient stories one of these studied people is the man known as Beowulf from old English epic poetry. He is an epic hero known for protecting people all around Europe from terrifying, unbeaten, undamaged beasts. He was also part of the period where the anglosaxton culture was built, and he was their main mold for what it meant to be a man and warrior of the culture. Being their spokesperson he had many reasons why he did what he did, and some were seen a little more clearly than others, The motivations of Beowulf are linked to the values in the anglosaxton code, and shown in his three monstrous battles in the epic, being glory, duty, and generosity. In his fight with Grendel, Beowulf 's motivations that are from the anglosaxton code are that of glory as a young, strong, successful warrior. Now Grendel is the first beast in the story and is terrorizing, not Beowulf and the Geats, but king Hrothgar and the land of the

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