Beowulf Analysis

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The story of Beowulf is a tale as old as time it is one of the oldest stories in the English language. It has been passed down generation to generation, being changed as time goes on. It's a story of good versus evil it's a story of how a beast named Grendel attacked men and their way of life. So a hero steps in to save the day by killing the beast that everyone was too scared to face and then the beast mother comes to avenge his death and the hero kills her off leaving the land a better place. This version of the story is one that no one has ever heard before it's one like no other it takes place on the best battlefield ever the soccer field. It was two teams that hated each other the Lady Panthers and the Vilonia Eagles. The Eagles had one girl on their team who was terrorizing all the teams in the league she was a bully. Her name was Becky, she was six foot four and towered over all the other girls she had long blond hair that she braided and used as a whip and she was two hundred and seventy five pounds of pure muscle she was a beast she would shove you and you would have to do everything you could just to stay up. Their was one team who was tired of hearing about how she is the meanest in the league and how nobody or team can beat becky and her team but the lady panthers heard of how she was acting and treating everyone so they went into battle with them. The Lady Panther were being lead by their caption Susan who chose to play in the same spot at Becky this game, she
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