Beowulf Analysis

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The reference that most helped to deepen my knowledge and understanding of Beowulf was an article I found on the website CliffNotes. The article is titled “Beowulf”, written by Stanley Baldwin and Elaine Strong. The article is broken down into multiple segments. Each segment discusses something different in relation to the epic poem Beowulf, all of which help to explain Beowulf even further. There are segments discussing the context of the epic poem, Beowulf’s plot, the characters in the story, the symbolism within the epic poem, and much more. The website also includes a glossary full of terms in Beowulf and famous quotes and what they meant within the story.
This website goes into detail about why Beowulf is an extremely important piece of literature. Every segment is filled with information about Beowulf and about the cultures and religions surrounding the epic poem. It explains the geography surrounding the poem, and it even breaks down each and every character in the epic poem, making them easier to understand. The plot is neatly summarized and everything in the poem is put into context.
One of the biggest segments of the website is the character overview section. Each and every character in the entire epic poem is written about. The article helps to explain each character and what they are about. The characters of Beowulf can be complex, so the website provides its readers with guides on each one. The website also includes a line-by-line breakdown of the story. Each
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