Beowulf And Jackie Robinson Similarities

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o one would ever compare Beowulf and Jackie Robinson! Everyone would think they have no similarities. However people would totally think they are two completely different people. These two guys are the same in many heroic ways. Beowulf and Jackie are two people that are definitely heros. That’s the biggest idea, they share is that no matter how old their story gets they will always be remembered as heroes. Some traits that these two heroic people share would have to be bravery. They’re so brave but, they are many things Courageous, Caring, Enduring some of the things they have in common. But not everyone can always connect perfectly these men have some differences too. Just the way they take care of their business is completely different but very interesting. They are also strong but in different areas. Bravery is something that most heroes in our society have to have. Beowulf has so much bravery it’s crazy you could tell he was meant to be a warrior from the day he was born. I think Beowulf has so much bravery because just the way he carries himself. Like there is and will never be a monster that can defeat Beowulf. He is so brave because he is willing to step in front of any monster and defeat them. Now Jackie Robinson is one brave man there’s no argument about that. Jackie was so brave because he did the unthinkable for african americans. Jackie went against all the racism and he even went against the hatred of his own teammates. Jackie went out every game knowing that
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