Beowulf And King Arthur Analysis

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Beowulf versus King Arthur
Courage, perseverance, and honor are all traits of a hero. Beowulf and King Arthur both share many qualities of a hero. The epic of Beowulf is about a great Geat that defeats the horrid Grendel of Denmark. The story, Once and Future King, is about the great King Arthur and how he became king and his reign in England. Beowulf is a fearless leader that defeats great monsters and deadly giants. Later in his life he defeats Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and a dragon. King Arthur was the outcast in his family; he did not fit in as a child. As he grows older, his tutor Merlyn teaches him about different values in life. King Arthur, formally known as Wart, becomes king when he pulls the famous sword from the stone. Both Beowulf and King Arthur shared many traits that made them epic heros.
Courage is a trait shared by Beowulf and King Arthur or “Wart”. Beowulf showed courage through the many battles he fought . Beowulf went to Heorot in hopes of defeating Grendel, the monster that had been attacking Herot for the last twelve years. This was courageous because he knew that he could be killed, but he fought anyway because that's what he needed to do. Wart showed courage when he pulled the sword out of the stone. He did not want to be King of England, let alone at such a young age. He wanted to put the sword back in the stone or let someone else become King. Wart was courageous and became King because he knew that was his duty. These examples show that courage
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