Beowulf And The Anglo Saxon Values Heroism

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Although cultural heroes ultimately serve the purpose of solidifying the values of a particular culture , the ever-changing, dynamic nature of heroism identifies itself as religious or a natural trait. Heroism is considered putting yourself at risk when in danger, helping those in need, and being the first one to step up and help, In the read Beowulf, he does just that. “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles” This quote is perfect in relation to Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxon beliefs. Heroism is displayed in many ways, It is showed all throughout the articles as well. Beowulf displays and greatly achieves one of the Anglo-Saxon values heroism through strength and greatness. As the story continues he resembles the traits of a protagonist more and more, for example, they place their careers in a high positions as if they are more important than their lives. Beowulf is seen in my eyes as almost fearless, how he goes about his quest and actions, slays Grendel and Grendel 's mother. Beowulf seems to put his life of adventure and intensity in front of his personal life. He focuses more on the Military part then he does his family or close friends. For him to put that in front of his morals and beliefs makes him an even greater hero.

Beowulf, written centuries ago, has been one of the greatest works in English. I personally think it is still around because it touches base with some of the themes in today 's
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