Beowulf Archetype Analysis

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The use of archetypes largely contributed to the development of the story. It helped make connections between the events. It helps make sense of why these situations were included in the story. Through difficult situations Beowulf developed a never-ending faith in God, and a realization that material goods aren’t all that matter. The possibly most important archetype used in this book is “Religion”. God is referred to by many names. He is referred to as the Almighty Father, Heavenly Shepard, Lord of the Ages, and the God of the Ages. Religion is a major part of the story. The many names God is referred to by contributes largely to the development of the importance of religion. “He would’ve killed more, had not mindful God and one man’s…show more content…
Grendel’s mother was extremely evil and sought revenge by killing retainers of Beowulf and the king. Another archetype that is extremely repetitive is “Loyalty and Allegiance.” “When he needed them most, they had made off. All but Wiglaf, son of Weohstan, fled when things got tough.” Wiglaf was the only one who was truly loyal to Beowulf. Wiglaf was the only one that would fight the dragon alongside Beowulf. “It was their habit always and everywhere to be ready for action, at home or in the camp, in whatever case and at whatever time the need arose to rally around their lord. They were the right people.” Beowulf’s band of men were always ready for anything. They were ready no matter the time or the place. They would always be there for Beowulf. Another important archetype is Importance of “Wealth and Treasure.” The dragon killed innocent people, because a small amount of gold was stolen and he had a plethora of gold. The dragon would go to great lengths to get revenge for a little bit of gold that was stolen from him. He fought and died over a few pieces of it. “The treasure had been won, bought, and paid for by Beowulf’s death.” Treasure would be fought for and paid for with even the hero’s life. A major archetype that connects to Beowulf is “Heroism and Heroic Deeds.” This is important because Beowulf is the hero. Beowulf killed Grendel and Grendel’s mother for a king that would later make him like a son. Beowulf would
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