Beowulf As A Hero

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Tara Linden
Mrs. Jorgensen
English III
6 October 2017
Why We Need Heros A hero, “a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character”(“Hero”). A hero shows much more than honor and glory, they sacrifice their own life to selflessly help out the lives of others. By having heroes it gives us hope, wisdom, and justice throughout the nation. The three main types of heroes include an epic hero, superhero, and your own personal hero. These heroes show that it 's more than the cape or armour they wear, they show the true meaning of a hero by defining sacrifice, loyalty, and determination. Throughout the epic poem Beowulf, Beowulf displays the characteristics of an epic hero because he shows courage and loyalty to those around him by
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As told within the movie, Peter Parker’s grandmother believes “there’s a hero in all of us; gives us strength, makes us noble, even though some items we have to give up the things we love the most”(Sami Raimi). Neither Spiderman nor his alter ego, Peter Parker, ever showed any signs of fear(Spiderman). His incredible bravery allowed for him to fight relentlessly. As we grow up throughout life, we hold onto many heroes as they have impacted our life. Looking into my personal life, my hero consists of my mother, Darla Linden. She defined a hero as “a person stepping up in a situation without thinking they also are in harm 's way”(Linden, Darla). Throughout my lifetime my mom has been there for me since day one and has helped nurtured me.. She sacrifices many things for myself and for my family by providing us with our daily needs. I can always count on her to point me in the right direction by pursuing my dreams and wishes. I admire her caring heart and faithfulness the most because she would drop anything instantly to help someone else in need. She supports me in all of my extra curricular activities and motivates myself to bring out my full potential. I get inspired by her courageous character by never backing down to a challenge and always finishing through. When I asked my mom who she picked as her hero she said, “the service men and women of all branches who fight for our country”(Linden, Darla). They provide us with safety by sacrificing

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