Beowulf As A Hero With Extraordinary Strength And Will

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Carter Witt
Mrs. Smith
EN 210
7 November 2014
“Heroism in Beowulf” Beowulf is depicted as a great hero with extraordinary strength and will. This is not what makes him such a great hero though. Webster’s dictionary defines a hero as a person who is admired for brave acts or fine qualities (Merriam-Webster). While Beowulf has these qualities the definition does not do him justice. It seemed that his purpose in life was to help others and this is proven when he eventually sacrifices his life when he fought a dragon. The battle between the Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon help define Beowulf’s heroic characteristics. He establishes himself as a hero by fighting three different antagonists, exemplifying the strength and
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The celebration of the defeat of Grendel was short lived because Grendel’s mother wanted revenge for her sons death. Grendel’s mother stormed into the meed hall where the men were sleeping and grabbed the kings most cherished counselor and the bloodily arm of her son. The King of Heorot once again fell into depression because of the attacks. He tells Beowulf the news about another attack from the evil monster. Beowulf, gives a heroic answer by saying, “She can go where she likes, but I promise you that she shall find no cover from me, whether in the bowels of the earth, in mountain thickets, or in the depths of the ocean. Have patience in your grief today, as I know you will.” (Greenblatt, 72). Beowulf then proceeds to hunt down the monster and battle her in her den at the bottom of a lake. The feat of Beowulf surviving the intense battle at the bottom of the lake and then hauling out Grendel’s mothers head is miraculous (Greenfield). This shows great heroic qualities because the people he 's doing all these great acts for are not even his people. Beowulf is protecting the Kingdom of Heorot and its people so that they will no longer have to suffer at the hands of evil beasts. Beowulf continues to fight heroic battles through out his life but he faces certain death when he must fight his greatest foe who is destroying is kingdom, the
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