Beowulf As An Epic

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word epic? Something epic could be associated with an event or action of something heroic or impressive. This is similar to what an epic poem is. Beowulf is an epic poem, a long narrative poem that is usually about the deeds of a heroic figure. Occasionally stories that are passed down orally through different generations are transformed into epic poems. The people who heard the story of Beowulf experienced it not be text, but by hearing it from scops. Scops were poets who entertained people by memorizing and telling stories like Beowulf. These poets memorized 3,200 lines of the poem. Beowulf is on of the first works of English literature. It might have been recorded in writing in Old English around 700 A.D. by an Anglo-Saxon poet. Since Beowulf originated…show more content…
Weapons were only wielded by men. The most common weapon carried by Anglo-Saxons are knives, although knives were typically used more as utensils or tools instead of weapons. A weapon that is easily accessible as they were, in many instances, used for cutting down trees, are axes. Axes could be brought into a battle for close quarters combat (Anglo-Saxon Discovery). Spears held during the activity of hunting were also deployed in battles. Anglo-Saxons laws suggest that these spears, often more than two meters long, should be owned and available to all male citizens (Anglo-Saxon Discovery). Swords were also evident amongst Anglo-Saxons, however swords are more expensive and required more work to construct, therefore swords were seldom found. Protection such as chain mail and helmets were only possessed by rich and high-ranked warriors. Weapons are armed by Anglo-Saxon men primarily to boast his ranking within society as much as it is used for battle (Anglo-Saxon Discovery). An Anglo-Saxon who wore a helmet, chain mail and wielded a sword can be considered as a powerful and respected
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