Beowulf: Comparing The Book And The Movie

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When books are adapted into movies certain aspects of the book are changed to aid in translating the story from page to screen. Details are changed to appeal to the audience. A good example of a change being made to appeal to movie audiences is that the book, Beowulf, opens with an account of history, so the reader knows who the characters are and how they relate to one another.(Gordon, 1) While the book opens with what some might call, dry exposition, the movie opens with an exciting attention grabbing scene in the Great Hall of Heorot.(Zemeckis) Opening a movie with narrational exposition, like used in the book, is an easy way to bore the audience. But opening with a boisterous party in a great hall, grabs the audience's attention. Keeping that in mind, explains why the book and movie differed in the way they present exposition.…show more content…
There is far more sex and things of sexual nature in the movie. An integral one is that in the book Beowulf never has sex. Wherein, the movie Beowulf has quit a bit of sex. In the movie the dragon at the end is the product of Beowulf and Grendel’s mother having sex.(Zemeckis) The director added this to add a bit of sexiness to the movie. This alteration adds more to the slaying of the dragon than just being Beowulf’s last foe, as it is in the book.(Gordon, 51) It adds another layer of emotion to Beowulf slaying the dragon. In the film, when Beowulf kills the dragon, the dragon turns into a human form and Beowulf and him share a tender moment between father and son designed to pull at the audience's heart
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