Beowulf Comparison Essay

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Beowulf Essay
The movie Beowulf and the book Beowulf are different in many different ways. They are very motivating and daring. In the movie, they sang to get Grendel’s attention; however, in the book they were just celebrating. In the book, Grendel mother was killed by Beowulf; however, in the movie Beowulf lied about killing Grendel’s mom. In the movie, Beowulf is the father of the fire breathing dragon; however, in the book the dragon is just a person to defeat. The movie and book Beowulf are different such as singing, killing, and defeating monsters.
Beowulf lies about killing Grendel’s mom. Beowulf lies because he likes her. He went back and said he killed her in addition, she was still alive. Beowulf wanted to prove the people
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After he lied about killing Grendel’s mom, the dragon came. The dragon was ready to fight Beowulf. Beowulf thought the dragon would die from being stabbed. The dragon blew fire at the queen and her friend as well as Beowulf. Beowulf decided to tie a rope around his arm to get to the dragons heart. Beowulf had to ripe his arm off and pulls the dragon heart out. He bleeds to death and died.
Grendel does not like a lot of noise. The noise makes Grendel very upset. Grendel only came out when they played music. The music triggered his ear. Beowulf did not expect Grendel to be so upset. Grendel came to the village and fought Beowulf. Beowulf punched Grendel in the ear several times as well as cut his arm off with the door.
The movie and book Beowulf are different such as singing, killing, and defeating. In the book they celebrated, Grendel mother was killed also the dragon was a person to defeat. In the movie, they sang, Beowulf lies about killing Grendel’s mom as well as Beowulf was the father of the fire breathing dragon. There are more ways the book and movie are different. The movie and book is so nice. If you want to know more about the book and movie it is called Beowulf as I stated
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