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Beowulf: Epic Hero An epic hero, an Anglo-Saxon hero, a modern-day hero; A hero is is often defined by certain qualities, looked upon traits. We have heroes amongst our lives everyday, from saving a life to simply helping someone out. In the epic poem, “Beowulf”, Beowulf was the most heroic man of the Anglo-Saxon times. The Anglo-Saxon code reflects much of the code of Chivalry, the code of the Samurai, to the modern-day code of just doing good. He embodied courage, honesty, loyalty, and much more, attributes that were all valued by the Anglo-Saxon code. Beowulf was truly an Anglo-Saxon hero of his time as he possessed all the traits of an Anglo-Saxon hero. Beowulf was never afraid to die. One of most valiant traits enclosed…show more content…
The Anglo- Saxons always strived for fame, a warrior was always prepared to die as for one could become famous for his feats on the battlefield. “I’ve avenged their crimes, and the Danes they’ve killed. And I promise you that whoever sleeps in Herot- You, your brave soldiers, anyone of all the people in Denmark, old or young - they, and you, may now sleep without fear of either monster, mother or son. (75)” Receiving fame through a great feat in war was a best way for a warrior to achieve honor in death. Each character was defined by a status, and that status was in a formation of their fame, their accomplishments. In this case, Beowulf’s fame was created by the many great deeds and battles he’s fought. “Of sea-huge monsters I killed. What man, anywhere under Heaven’s high arch, has fought in such darkness, endured more misery or been harder? (41)” In the Anglo-Saxon culture, it was so important for the warriors to be proud of what they did and sought fame from them. Generosity was key, it was an aptitude that was essential to become a great ruler as well. Hrothgar, King of the Danes, was a great political leader that embodied generosity to the fullest. Hrothgar mentions that Beowulf manifested the qualities of a good leader, a king to be exact, a great protector of the Geats. “One man found it, came to Denmark and with the Lord’s help did what none of the Danes could do, our wisdom, our

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