Beowulf Function Essay

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In the Beowulf Poet’s Beowulf, the Danes, who are ruled by Hrothgar, throws celebrations in Herot every night. Due to the constant noise from these celebrations, Grendel, a demon, begins to ruthlessly attack Herot and the Danes. As Grendel’s attacks continue, Grendel avoids attacking Hrothgar since Hrothgar is protected by God.

In the Bible, Cain was a murderous, evil creature that was sent to exile as punishment by God after killing Abel, who was favored by God. Grendel is a descendant of Cain and “was spawned in [the same] slime” and has been “banished by God” as well as punishment for the “crime of Abel’s death.” (19-23) Similar to Cain, Grendel is evil demon that enjoys inflicting death upon the Danes. By referring to Cain while
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