Beowulf Is The Hero Of All Heroes

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I 'm writing about ancient heroes and whether or not they can be heroes at the present day going to tell you about their pros as in good things about them and their cons as in bad things. I will also choose one modern day hero to come pare my ancient hero to and tell you where he from either a movie or a comic book. Beowulf is my ancient hero. I chose Beowulf because of all the qualities he has. "Beowulf is the hero of all heroes’" he is strong, and courageous. He would risk his own life to save other people life 's. He never back down to any person or thing and has never run any from a fight. He throws his self at danger to try to get rid of evil and look for people to help. In this day of age, I don 't think he would be a good hero for a few reasons. Reason number one I think he is really too arrogant to throw his self at ever one problem thinking he is going to fix it. I personally think a hero should be asking them if they want your help before they make it worst. Or they can wait till they see someone in danger then throw yourself in the middle. Reason two I think he 's arrogant will be the death of him because he think so mighty of his self. He will think he is unstoppable and that 's where his demise will come from. Reason three he not that smart he more like a jock most heroes ' are usually smart and clever Beowulf isn 't if he meant an evenly match villain he cloud loss fairly easy from how choices he make . Reason four is the way he dresses. The
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