Beowulf Leadership Analysis

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“Beowulf and the Teaching of Leadership” is an article written by Tom Loughman and John Finley. The article has intuition on leadership, motivation, trust, respect, loyalty, and sacrifice. The article has compelling points about Beowulf as a leader fits into the Conger and Kanungo’s charismatic leader model, his role as a charismatic leader, as well as the risk following in over relying in a charismatic leader. I agree with all the points discussed in this article.
Tom and Loughman explain how Beowulf’s leadership role fits into the Conger and Kanungo’s charismatic leader model. They prelect about how the model is broken down into three distinct stages that relate to Beowulf: Environmental Assessment
(Stage One), Vision Formulation (Stage Two), and Implementation (Stage Three). Stage
1 explains how the followers perceive the leader's greater desire to change the the status of the environment. This stage correlates with Beowulf because as Grendel being a monster who terrorizes the land, they realize Beowulf (the leader) must rid Grendel of the land to keep the area of the Danes safe. Stage 2 describes how followers see a leader’s plan for a better future from the leader explaining his thoughts and ideas in an inspirational way. Beowulf explains to his followers that Grendel is a demon challenging the good of god when stating “Grendel may be a demon from hell, but he's insignificant compared to the mighty power and goodness of God. Beowulf may be a battle between good and
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