Beowulf Mythology Essay

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Mythology and Beowulf has illuminated parts of my life in the form of movies. The Mythology behind these movies who make me who I am is such a significant part of my life. My depression is a part of my life I don’t like to show others, but movies allow me to escape the pain I suffer in my mundane life. I especially love movies with rich mythologies, like Star Wars and Harry Potter. I think stories with a rich mythology allow me to escape even more than your average movie, because the wealth of knowledge needed to fully understand the history of the world you are in. I think the depth involved with these types of stories is what allows me to feel all the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. For me the direct correlation is that stories involving a mythology illuminate relief and happiness in my life. A recent example is the new film Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, they took the life of an author of a textbook that Harry Potter was required to read as a first year and they are turning it into a five film franchise. The written and screen mythology of Harry Potter is so in-depth that they took such a minute character and are creating this story around him, and it feels very genuine to the old stories and entirely new at the same time. These instances are when it makes me feel so great…show more content…
While it might seem crazy to have a desire to want to live in the same universe as them, it actually makes a lot of sense; What it comes down to is pros and cons. If live in the same world as Grendel and his mom you get to look up to the remarkable hero Beowulf. It is the same thing for me, in the Wizarding World if Voldemort or Grindelwald is in the world, so is magic and Dumbledore. This irrational hope to live in this world is what not makes these stories so popular but also such a good escape for people who need
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