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He killed three monsters and then he died. Not a very interesting fate, but it is none the less one that I find myself having to write about regardless of whether or not I want to. Thus it was, the mighty Beowulf of old England that went forth to slay the evils which plagued the lands of his own people as well as those of his neighboring tribes. The second battle was one that was brought about by Beowulf’s willingness to go and help an old friend, and thus he nearly lost his life once more. For those not acquainted with the story of Beowulf, he was said to be the strongest man ever to live, and given this he was fated according to their beliefs to accomplish certain things in his life. Some of these things…show more content…
Beowulf fought Grendal without weapon and delivered a fatal injury with the removal of his arm. Upon this injury Grendal returned to his lair where he would die and be welcomed into the depths of Hell. The accomplishment of this great dead by Beowulf allowed him the reputation of a hero, but this establishment would not become complete until he had beaten the great Grendal’s Mother. Which without going into great detail he did accomplish and was then thanked once more by Hrothgar, and even offered the mighty king’s kingdom. All of this is simply a testament to the alleged fate of Beowulf, personally I like to think that I can control my own life, even though I might have a distinct purpose, I do believe it is my responsibility to determine and then carry out that purpose.
Upon his return home Beowulf is given a hero’s welcome and celebrations run rampant. This is nothing to say the least of what would come later. Through a process of elimination, Beowulf would inherit the thrown of the Geat kingdom. After a ruling of fifty winters he would face what would be his final battle, with a creature whose importance on the epic is unending was given a name only as meager as the “dragon”. It was this dragon that Beowulf would yield his life too, and it would be the end of Beowulf’s fate in this world. Beowulf’s, Wiglaf, would inherit the thrown after his bravery and courage allowed

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