Beowulf Vs. Achilles Essay

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Tasia McCoy
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30 September 2015
Beowulf Vs. Achilles The Old English poem, Beowulf, doesn’t have an author. Nobody is one hundred percent sure about the history of Beowulf. All they know is that its about a warrior and a monster in conflict. Homer wrote “The Iliad,” roughly a thousand years before Beowulf. They were both a part of the ancient Greek world. Though Homer was blind, some scholars believe that a philosopher as a blind man had an exceptional inner vision. (72) The theme revolves around the war between Greece and Troy in twelve hundred B.C. Beowulf and Achilles both fulfill their role of an epic hero by making sacrifices, following the rules by their own individual beliefs and cultures. Also by showing off their courage through dangerous acts of bravery. But what makes them different? Beowulf sacrificed his life and royalty to protect his town; Achilles sacrificed his trustworthiness to the Trojans when he killed Priam’s son, Hector. “Quickly the dragon came at him, encouraged, as Beowulf fell back; it’s breath flared, and he suffered, wrapped around in swirling flames-A king, before, but now a beaten warrior.” (687-691) Beowulf. Beowulf suffered horribly by the flames of the dragon and from the thought of him once being a king and now being a beaten warrior. The reader imagines that an epic hero like Beowulf would never want to think of himself being a beaten warrior. That’s what he had to o to protect his people because sometimes no…

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