Essay on Beowulf and Matrix

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What a heroic journey! Everybody knows who is the protagonist of a story if they read it but how do they know? How do you or I know the heroes are, in fact, heroes in, for example, the Matrix and Beowulf? This is what I will present in this essay. I will be using the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell for both of them by using three stages from it. For the Matrix, I will be using “Meeting with Mentor”, “The Ordeal” and “Return with Elixir” stages. For Beowulf, I will be using “Call to Adventure”, “Reward” and “Return with Elixir” stages. In the Matrix, Neo meets Morpheus, a guy that he was looking for and vice versa. In this stage of “Meeting with Mentor”, Morpheus is convincing Neo to take the red pill to get out of the Matrix. Now,…show more content…
The hero uses the powers or knowledge to help others and this is what Neo is going to do. This is another proof of him being the hero. Now, the stage of “Call to Adventure” in Beowulf is when Beowulf heard that Grendel is attacking the Danes, he goes out with his men to take care of this matter. Now, the hero is the person who hears danger or mishap happening to people and goes on to take care of this matter. For example, Spiderman hearing a person crying for help and he goes to save that person. Now, this is what Beowulf does as in this quote “Heard how Grendel filled nights with horror And quickly commanded a boat fitted out.”(Page 26). As soon as Beowulf heard this, he set sail to the Danish place to take care of Grendel. It shows that Beowulf is confident, brave and willing to take his life for something that hasn’t to do with him which is like how a hero does it. In the “Reward” stage of Beowulf, Beowulf defeated Grendel and Grendel’s mother and saved the Danes from the horror that brings sadness to their land. Beowulf attained fame for his heroic deeds and possibly, people heard of what he had done. Now, when a hero does something heroic or something big that bring joy to the people, the hero gets fame and a reward for his deeds and people talk about him and what he has done. This is, likely, to happen to Beowulf
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