Beowulf and Siegfried

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The only similarity between Beowulf and Siegfried is the letter e—that is until you actually start reading the stories. Within the early moments of Beowulf and the Nibelungenlied significant amounts of correlations steadfastly intertwined a web of parallelism between the two heroic characters. Both glory-seeking and nigh invincible warriors from noble origins, the two warriors blasted through adversities in pursuit of their ultimate goals. While both eventually fulfilled their desires, Siegfried’s satisfaction was cut short by an untimely death. Although Beowulf also eventually met his end whilst in combat with a dragon, evidence suggests that this played well into Beowulf’s plans and as such only Siegfried truly met a downfall. The …show more content…
Likewise, upon Beowulf’s arrival at Hrothgar’s hall he was immediately recognized as well. King Hrothgar remarked on Beowulf’s legendary reputation claiming that “[Beowulf] has thirty men’s heft of grasp in the gripe of his hand, the bold-in-battle.” (325-326) The two men have plenty in common, at least physically: overwhelming strength that is enough to overpower dozens of powerful warriors.
Even more than a pure physical resemblance, both Siegfried and Beowulf had reputations that preceded them. Hagen and Hrothgar recounted stories of Siegfried and Beowulf’s conquests respectively, portraying them as valiant knights stopping at nothing to achieve success. Shortly after these initial introductions, the stories of fame begin to accelerate, and numerous similarities continue to appear. Beowulf journeyed to Heorot seeking glory by helping Hrothgar defeat the dreaded Grendel. He pledged his loyalties to Hrothgar and promised to fight off the demon to protect Hrothgar’s people. “To thy lord and liege in loyal mood we hasten hither, to Healfdene’s son, people-protector: be pleased to advise us!” “Siegmund’s son yearned to [Kriemhild] with true love. And [Siegfried and his] fearless band [of knights] drew towards Worms on the Rhine… as Siegfried the hero and his following rode into Gunther’s country to the court” Similarly, Siegfried traveled to a foreign land to

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