Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Comparison Essay

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Unworldly characters such as beautiful fairy with her wise mind and magical wand, hideous monster craving for blood with its horrifying fangs, and mysterious elf luring children away from their parents often add a magical aroma to the stories. Readers are enthusiastic to learn how their heroes encounter with these marvelous creatures, whether receiving a powerful golden sword as gift or putting on a life or death fight for his loved ones. These unworldly characters help the readers to perceive the story in a more in-depth way; they make readers bringing up different question for their appearance, purpose, and the idea they symbolize. Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, two of the earliest great stories of English…show more content…
At last, Grendel is confronted with Beowulf, who fights with great courage and strength, and Beowulf rises as a victor against the pure evilness and threat to society that Grendel represents. The next progression and the second stage of violence takes place when Grendel’s mother, the root of evil, comes for her son’s revenge. Unlike Grendel, who fights recklessly, Grendel’s mother possesses more sinister and darker qualities and attacks with a plan. She strikes when the country celebrates, takes King Hrothgar’s most beloved advisor, and lures Beowulf back to her cave, where she has a more advantage of winning. When she enters the story, readers are able to discover that this is not just another battle for Beowulf, but a continuous fight following the previous one as she represents the origin of evil. Grendel’s mother is by far more challenging and threatening than her offspring. The place that the monster inhabits is described with gruesome image; it is a swamp that “infested with all kinds of reptiles…writhing sea-dragons and monsters slouching on slopes…and serpents and wild things” (Heaney 99). It is in the epic battle against Grendel’s mother where Beowulf finds a match to his great strength. Compare to the battle against Grendel, Beowulf takes down the monster with great efforts and finally slays her with a mighty sword that he finds by chance. The progression from the protagonist’s first battle to his second one has increased in difficulty and
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