Beowulf vs. Modern Day Superhero

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“It’s a’s a! It’s Superman!” When people say a modern day superhero, the names “Spiderman”, “Superman”, and “Catwoman” flash into mind. However, we forget about one of the most influential superheroes of today’s time; a soldier. Despite the differences, there are many similarities between Beowulf and a soldier because the two have more in common than we realize.

As much as two great humans could have so much in common, Beowulf and a soldier have differences as most people in life do. These include the fact that soldiers are paid for their services, whereas Beowulf battles for his people without a fee. However, in all due respect, most soldiers in the United States fight for our country because they are passionate,
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After Beowulf destroys the monster he gets a boat load of treasure to bring back to his people; and after his death people paid honor and respect to him. The soldiers get rewards for helping out such as money for joining, college education paid, healthcare and better job opportunities

With all of these similarities and differences presented, one can see how alike as well as different these two characters can be. Stated earlier, the differences seem to
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