Beowulf's Giraffes-Personal Narrative

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Geoffrey, a giraffe, was a confused soul that had yet to begin his journey. He was very looked down on as well as stumbling upon as a freak of nature. He had only his father and his friends with whom he had a mutual relationship with. His father and his mother were his greatest supporter, but due to the fact that he often got in trouble he wasn’t favored by many other giraffes. Some of this behavior is caused by the way he looks, short with no tail and dark brown fur, with tan specks, appearing to look like an abnormally, tall very ugly zebra. He was not bright nor did his herd think highly of him, but soon would come an event that would change his entire way of life. It was a normal day in Dareasth, Africa ... his home. He woke up looking…show more content…
I give up, let’s just play.” Then he went after Jagger, running as fast as he could he. He tagged Jagger then Jagger tagged me. I tagged Joey and then it went back and forth, but in a different order each time. He had so much fun the Geoffrey had completely forgotten about the fact that Geoffrey was supposed to go and help his father with his things. It had become late evening by the time that Geoffrey had realized that he had dismissed the invitation to organizing his father’s things. It had occurred to Geoffrey that he should expect a punishment. When he went home, he found his father still organizing the pictures. He carefully said, “I’m back.” His father turned around looked at him with his glasses falling down and then he turned back to working. After an awkward minute of silence he had finally turned around and disappointedly said, “Do you think that you maybe have forgotten something? Something you committed and promised to do but never did do? Hmm?” “Well I was going to come but then I had to go and help Grandpa with cleaning… who is very, very old.” “Okay… I suppose that you were being helpful so I will let you off this time, but please try to keep track of the things that you commit

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